The mission of Only Footprints is to provide Black Indigenous and People Of Color (BIPOC) youth of incarcerated mothers opportunities to engage in the discovery of the natural world free from barriers. Only Footprints promotes the strengths and abilities of BIPOC youth of incarcerated mothers by providing nature-based services that empower and enrich each to face life’s challenges with confidence, competence, and dignity. Only Footprints is a summer-long wilderness exploration program that assists BIPOC youth of incarcerated mothers in cultivating and maintaining healthy environments for living and learning in the outdoors while becoming innovative and integrative leaders in both their local and global communities.  






We are a nonprofit organization tax-exempt organization since 2021. In-person programs are suspended due to the global pandemic. We are accepting new board members! 


PO Box 541 Longville, Minnesota 56655 

(218) 270-4234